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Amporn Fresh flowers Chiang Mai


  Establishment :  M. 6  Ban Pong Village  Located around the back of Mae Jo University
Tambon Pa Phai  San Sai District  Chiang Mai Province

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Bit of knowledge:

Chiang Mai has been nicknamed thatIs a land of tea flowers And there is abundance To grow vegetables and fruits Anything that just takes care and attention will grow well. It is another prime location for investors. Both Thai and foreign people settled down to cultivate products, send them, sell and export.

"Chrysanthemum" is a cut flower. The production value is 1 in the top 4 of cut flowers around the world.

  In Thailand, it is grown a lot in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, preferring to grow a bouquet rather than a single flower. Because it is easy to care for, it will bloom all year, the current yield is not enough for the market demand.Causing imports of more than 25-30 million baht per year


  Ban Pong Village, San Sai District, Chiang Mai Province, is popular to grow cut flowers for sale. To generate income for households and a good income in the Ban Pong community per year Most are planted only once a year during the months of November to April.

Plant flowers and send to the market most in Chiang Mai. They are mostly sold - directly from the garden to the desired market, such as Pak Khlong Talat, Talat Tai, Sam Mueang and according to orders throughout Thailand. Annual household incomeNearly a million baht, a popular variety that is widely planted There will be a single large white flower, yellow camel, cutter, rosette. Single chrysanthemums and other flowers that the market needs.

Planting chrysanthemums bouquet

  Chrysanthemum is a short-lived plant. Thailand has a day of shorter than 16 hours throughout the year, so it is necessary to illuminate the chrysanthemums throughout the night. There will be no more than 4 hours of dark in the plot.



  How to plant

  Starting from preparing for seedling Put down the root cuttings, 1 week old seedlings that have mixed 1 part sandy soil and 1 part loam. Mix them together, scoop into the seedling tray, planting the young roots (width 1 m, length 2-3 m), about 10 cm thick, watered enough to be moist Before taking the sapling root into the plot, first dip the sapling root in the flower root accelerator. Then settle the plants 1-2 cm away from the plant and row, press 2-3 cm deep.


The root cuttings must be in the greenhouses with 3-5 100 watt bulbs to feed the young plants. It is recommended that the cuttings need to be divided continuously, watering once a day is enough for about 2 weeks, transplanting into the seedling with root cuttings, usually prepared to wait for cut flowers. You can cut the bouquet and sell it.

 ***Sell*** Mixed color seedlings, flower bouquet 2.5 baht per plant, minimum order 200 plants or more, if single chrysanthemum, large flower, 5 baht per seedling, delivery fee 200 baht (young seedlings will be available for sale during September - October of / Every year)

Interested, please contact Suan Amporn, Fresh Flowers, Chiang Mai. Phone. 061-3044834
 (time 08.00-20.00 น.)





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